Berry Supreme Gleam® Raspberry Radiance Mask

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99% Naturally Derived | Vegan | Gluten Free | Paraben & Sulfate Free | Cruelty Free

  • Achieve smoother, refreshed skin with Berry Supreme Gleam® Raspberry Radiance Mask. 
  • Its organic ingredients, including raspberries, vitamin C, turmeric, and retinol, tighten and brighten as they remove impurities.
  • Infused with provitamin A and antioxidants from watercress and cucumber, this mask helps boost radiance and vibrant skin.
  • Apply a thin layer, let dry and rinse with cool water.

*This is an active mask that may tingle, and your face will temporarily flush pink as it oxygenates. Test on a small area first if you have sensitive skin.

*Recommended for dull, aging, and uneven skin; tingles & flushes skin. Not recommended for sensitive skin.